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Founded in 2016, Findjobs is an award winning technology start-up in Singapore with their "easy to use" multi-language mobile app (Findjobs app) which connects job opportunities to non-executive jobseekers seamlessly. Additionally, Findjobs has also developed and deployed Smart Job Kiosks across various locations in Singapore. Leveraging on both the Smart Job Kiosks and the mobile app, Findjobs has managed to bridge the gap between online job openings and offline jobseekers, making job search inclusive and a breeze for everyone.

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I choose you! Making blue-collar job hunting as easy as Pokemon Go

"CATCHING" a job that is within 10 kilometres of you. That is the technology behind a key feature of Findjobs, an app that is targeted at blue-collar workers.Inspired by Pokemon Go's geofencing feature, the app aims to bring the job to workers in the language they're comfortable with, and has plans to add dialect versions in the future.

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